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Protex Deals In Quality High Performance Safety Work Wear , Chemical Productive Clothing.Hotel line clothing & Highly Visible Clothing flame and heat resistant clothing and Personal protective clothing for global workplace

Of Experience

What we are offering to customers
Quality Assurance

We continually check the quality of products from our leading manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that quality standards are maintained. It,s our aim to prove you with great stability and price.

Total Solution

Whatever industry our chemicals operate in, from heavy industrial to light careering from professional construction laboratory work, we are able to offer a compressive range of products

Your specification

We can design from authorizes and adapt are established product to your needs, including own-brand products. Our global warehousing facilities are at your disposal for stock handling

Business growth

Incredible things in the business world are never made by a single person, but by a team.”

We work with you to address critical business priorities!

Safety Is Our Business . We can work with you to keep your workplaces safe and complaint. We are experts in safety.

Protex Deals In Quality High-Performance Safety Work Wear, Chemical Productive

Clothing.Hotel line clothing &  Highly Visible Clothing flame and heat resistant  clothing and

Personal  protective clothing for the global workplace

Our mission

Mission Is To Develop, Innovative safety Products That Help Improve occupational Safety And

Health  World Wide.

Why Protex?

We supply highly quality compatibly priced health and safety products that are design to protect you within your working environment. We are established and we specialize in supplying the right products for the job.

Our vision

Quality Materials     » On Time Delivery     » Competitive prices

Our mission is to “shape the future of the Internet” by providing our customers, employees, investors, and ecosystem partners with unmatched value and opportunity.

Three simple steps for social responsibility
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As a responsible business, our goal is not just to make money and sell goods. We also have to take care of our employees, customers, society, and even the environment. Since its founding in 2002, Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. has made it its mission to “build green plants, create value for customers, build a stage of life for employees, and give back to society.”

Prohibition of using of child labor

PROTEX has banned the use of child labour and low-cost labour. Instead, we hire adults from the community every year and give them a year of training in safety and operation. On June 12, which is “World Day Against Child Labor,” we will also spread the word about how bad it is to “use child labour” in the factory.

Spread love

As a business that wants to do the right thing, we have been focusing on social returns. Every year, we set aside money for charity and give it to the Hope Primary School, which is in a poor area. There is always a clothing donation box in our office, and all the clothes are cleaned and sanitised before being sent. Many people in our area need help, so it has become a habit for us to go to orphanages and nursing homes to help those who need it.

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